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Is consumption of water important?

Is consumption of water important?

Water is limited as well as an important resource gifted by nature. Water has the potential of unlimited usage to Human-beings. One of them is the most important one i.e
Consumption of water. A human body uses water in its organs, cells, and tissues for the regulation of its body temperature. Consumption of water plays a major role in maintaining
other bodily functions as well.

Living beings require water to grow and reproduce, most importantly it is required for the purpose of drinking.  Our daily functioning requires water, hence it is very important to consume water. Our body temperature is regulated due to the consumption of water. One of the most important things in our day to day life is the consumption of water. Water has most of the essential minerals that are required for a human body. As per the facts, Adult humans have 60% of water and 90% of blood contains water.

There are six important sources of drinkable water, that includes the following:

  • Natural springs
  • Lakes and rivers
  • Oceans
  • Wells
  • Rainwater.


Most of all it is very important to rehydrate yourself by drinking fluids and consuming food that contains a good amount of water. The amount of water you consume depends upon the various factors that include the climatic condition that you are living in, the activeness of your body also in case you are experiencing any kind of illness or health issue. Consumption of water also helps to keep the tissues in a moist condition. This is exactly the feeling that you experience when you feel dryness in your eyes, nose, and mouth.
Consumption of water also helps in hydrating and maintaining moisture in sensitive areas of the human body like blood, bones and the brain. In addition to this, the consumption of water helps to safeguard the spinal cord, it also acts as a lubricant and does the cushioning for your joints. Water as an important resource helps to remove the waste from our body through excretion i.e through urination. The consumption of water is been used by the body to flush out the waste from the kidney and liver.


As per the facts, the adult human body has 60% of water and 90% of blood contains water. Consumption of water has the ability to fasten the human metabolism. It helps in controlling unwanted food cravings. The consumption of water keeps up the good mood and a younger you. Skin complexion also gets brighten up, with the consumption of water. Hence consumption of water is proven to be a boon for living beings as it is next to impossible to survive without water.

There is no written proof that says water helps in the problem of constipation, but the consumption of water can definitely help in smoothing the process of passing stools. It helps in moving the food that you have consumed through your intestine. Consumption of water plays an aid in the process of digestion by making it proper. Proper digestion is helpful to make minerals and the other nutrients more reachable to the body. Consumption of water is important because it also helps a pregnant woman to consult for fluid consumption to increase intake, especially for a breastfeeding mother.


There is no hard and fast rule for the amount of consuming water, but it is suggested best that it meets the hydration needs of the body. There are also few disadvantages involved in the consumption of water that includes, too much consumption leading to overflow of fluids in the body, lowering sodium levels leading to further issues like nausea, vomiting, tiredness, cramps, etc. Excessive consumption of water can lead to leg pain, feeling of irritation and pain in the chest.

Here we can conclude by saying that, Consumption of water has its own advantages and disadvantages for the body of a Human being. It should be taken into consideration that since water is a limited natural resource so it needs to be widely consumed. Water is limitedly available, due to which is its very important limited natural resource. We require water to grow and reproduce, which is again an important usage.


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