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Why a everyday walk in the fresh air is important

Why a everyday walk in the fresh air is important

Living healthy is a lifelong effect. A healthy lifestyle can be led with an intake of nutritional food and good physical activity. Combining the two important factors one can maintain a healthy weight , reduce the risk of diseases like heart attack, cancer and many more. This will help you in promoting your overall health. Human happiness and well-being centers to better health of an individual.

An important contribution leads to progress in economy, as the healthy population lives longer with productivity. Moreover, feeling good about your own self and taking care of your health helps you in building self-esteem and self-image. It is a must to maintain a lifestyle that is right for your body.

An everyday walk in the fresh air gives you energy. A walk in the fresh and sunlight are considered to be the most positive source of energy. Fresh air has the energy to wake you up naturally, so starting your day with a morning walk is a great way to start the day.

What are the benefits, of a fresh air walk everyday?

An everyday walk in the fresh air helps you to digest food effectively. It also helps you to improve the blood pressure and heart rate. An increase in immune system can also be observed by a fresh air walk everyday. As per the research study, walking for an hour or more everyday helps you to increase your life span.

It has also been found that, people who spend more of their time outdoors, have a greater vitality that leads to improved moods. People staying outdoors more than usual have less physical illness than the ones staying indoors. A feeling of being more alive from walks will always be there in an individual.

Other benefits from everyday walk includes burning of fat, burning of calories and maintenance of an ideal body composition. These benefits are not just restricted to the body but also healthy for making the mind sharp and at peace.

How to get it started?

Good habits are something that needs to be implement right now for an improved way of living. Here are a few suggestions for getting started.

  • Find a suitable time during your day, to spend at least 10-30 minutes for walking. It could be early morning, during the lunch or post dinner. Having a regular time, for your daily walk will help you fix your routine. 
  • Listening to something that you really enjoy during your walk is a good idea, to occupy your mind when you start it.
  • Taking few deep breaths, to fill your lungs would be good an encouragement too.
  • Walking with a friend is an awesome way to do something good when you meet up.

Is it easy to start?

Walking is a physical activity that has the lowest dropout rate from any other kind of exercises, this is because it is easy to implement at any place, as it requires no special equipment, other than a comfortable pair of footwear.

How much of the fresh air do we need daily?

An adult while resting inhales and exhales 7 to 8 litres of air per minute on an average. This calculates to about 11000 litres per day, inhaling this to per day is 20% of oxygen.

Are there any harmful effects of not consuming fresh air daily?

Yes. There are harmful effects of not consuming fresh air everyday. These harmful effects include lack of oxygen to the brain resulting dullness of mind, fatigue (tiredness), drowsiness.

Hence, we conclude by saying, an everyday walk in fresh air is important for healthy and happy life.



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